At Versatile Mold and Design, we are committed to the responsible use of environmental resources. We strive to continuously improve upon our practices and policies to ensure we are taking all steps necessary to reduce our environmental impact.


Ways that we are decreasing our consumption of resources:

  1. Replacing outdated equipment with newer, more energy-efficient equipment

  2. Reducing electricity consumption through more efficient lighting and standard procedures
    for power usage for an occupied and unoccupied building

  3. Pre-planning of company vehicle usage to reduce consumption of fuel usage

  4. Commitment to reduction of paper consumption

  5. Decreasing usage of non-recycled packaging material. Any discarded office paper is
    finely shredded (to ensure privacy protection) and used to supplement packaging


Ways that we are decreasing our impact on the environment:

  1. Improved recycling program implemented for paper, glass, cardboard, plastic, carbide, and various types of metals

  2. Procedures implemented to ensure no oil or other possible environmental contaminants find their way into the surrounding environment

  3. Pre-planning of company vehicle usage to reduce production of greenhouse gases