For added value and flexibility, Versatile Mold and Design, Inc. (VMD) has partnered with two offshore mold builders, providing exceptional quality and cost-effective tooling. Advantages of off-shore tooling placed with VMD are as follows:

  • The VMD design team will design all molds built off-shore, applying the same exacting quality standards as those produced in-house.

  • By carefully coordinating all efforts, VMD will manage project from start to finish.

  • Our offshore partners, carefully chosen through an extensive audit, conform to the highest standards in the industry, being recipients of numerous industry awards, in addition to ISO 9001 certification.

  • Once the mold is completed off-shore, VMD will complete a final sample and feasibility run, at which time we will perform any necessary upgrades or rework to insure that the mold is ready for production.

  • VMD is not a broker, because unlike a broker, VMD offers a complete package with the same guarantees and services that are offered with our domestic molds.

  • Reduced lead times of production-ready molds.

  • Fixed cost to the customer.